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When To Cut Down Trees?


Homeowners always wonder when to cut down trees? We hope this handy guide will help to clarify some ideas on that. We asked our tree trimmers Oahu for ideas too. When we think about tree trimming and tree pruning, don’t forget to consider the type of tree we are talking about and a number of the factors. For example, insect exposure, predisposition to disease, and environmental landscape architecture.

Usually, the best time to trim or prune trees and shrubs is the winter months.


From November to March most trees are resting, making it a perfect time for the following reasons:

  1. Trees are less susceptible to insects or diseases.
  2. This has less impact on the surrounding landscape and our team can easily see what they do when all the leaves fall.
  3. Trees heal faster, therefore when spring comes, they will be in a better and healthy place once again.
  4. You may actually save more money since it’s less busy for most landscapers.


Why prune a tree?

Pruning is a regular part of all tree and plant care services. It improves the overall condition of the plant by promoting growth, improves the overall health of plants, increases pressure on your property, and can increase flower and fruit production.

Trimming remove dead or dying branches damaged by diseases, insects, animals, storms or other damage. For that reason, it is equally important. Here are more benefits:

  • Lift branches that rub together
  • Remove stubs
  • Removing dead branches
  • Tear down dangerous trees
  • Keep your yard looking clean and nice
  • Promote flower and fruit development
  • Provide a dense fence
  • Stimulate desired plant shape or special garden shapes
  • Improve the appearance and overall attractiveness of plants
  • Check the size and shape of the plant
  • Keep the shrubs well proportioned, lush, and bushy
  • Remove unnecessary branches, bongs, skids, and unwanted fruit structures that disrupt the appearance of the plant
  • Protect your family and property from falling branches
  • Protect your liability if damages occur to others

For the prevention of certain diseases, pruning at the end of winter is especially great.

For example, Oak trees should be trimmed from March to November to avoid oak wilt disease.

April to February is great to prune apple trees. Spring and summer pruning increases the risk of infection in these trees. But autumn and early winter pruning can lead to growth problems in the coming season.

Another rule of thumb is to trim and prune after blooming and before new growth. Hedges and shrubs should probably be pruned 2x/year. Evergreens require much fewer tree services. But defer to the specific type.

For tree trimming Oahu info check our listing and give us a call. If you live in another state you can contact a local tree company as well with any questions and suggestions.

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Saturday, May 8, 2021

What to Watch for When Doing Stump Grinding and Tree Removal

When you cut a tree the only way to prevent it from growing again, or die and rotten is to remove the stump. The stump is the bottom of the tree with all the roots underground. Stump grinding is exactly what it sounds like. Grinding a stump of a tree. Therefore, stump grinding involves going underground. The problem with this is if that will damage any pipes, fence, and any other obstacles on the way. Here are some of the possible site dangers of stump grinding service you need to pay attention to and prevent as much as you can. 

Wire fencing 

The landscaper has to make sure that all the wires will be pulled back from the stump before removing them. That is to guarantee that it won’t get caught in the stump grinder’s head. 

Glass hazards 

The professional stump service operators should check to make sure there are no glass hazards around the stump. If they are, they need to be secured. For example with three-ply wood. 

Water pipes

You definitely don’t want to grind your water pipes. The landscaper should carefully inspect where the water services come into your property. Most of the time, the professional will manually dig a perpendicular trench to identify the deepness of the underground service. Doing a surface grind over the stump may be the solution if there is a pipe underneath.

Proximity to a Pool 

Be careful around pools. First, you have to locate where the pool pump is. There will be a pipe from it and you need to understand where the roots and stump are in relation to the pipe. If the pipe is under the stump, the solution is to do a thorough surface grind.  


The same goes for electricity. This one should be easier to identify because it either gets to your house from a junction box or from a power line overhead. We may also need to dig a trench on both sides of the stump to assess the depth of the power line. Here the worst-case scenario is also a surface grind.  

Fencing or boundaries with the neighborhood

Trees are often removed because of their proximity to the neighbor’s yard. Sometimes it ends up that half of the tree and roots are in one lot, and half in another. Those are always tricky situations when it comes to fencing, or selling the house. Sometimes, the trees are also close to fences and start breaking them as they grow. If you wish to remove a tree to end those problems you should probably speak to your neighbor in case some of the work of removal and grinding will need to be done in his yard too. You can ask your arborist to help you understand how it is done so that you can explain,

Human risks 

If you have small children ensure that they are nowhere near the technicians when they are doing any tree services or stump grinding. In fact, no one should really be around, and if the tree is close to the sidewalk you should have some tape or sign marking the area. That is because sometimes the stump grinding machine may throwback some odd stones or wood chips during the grinding process.

Tree cutting, removal, and stump grinding are tasks that should be done by professionals. As you just read, there are innumerous hazards that can happen to your home and the people around it. It is best to leave it to the experts. Nonetheless, you should understand the process, what to expect, and help in the case that you know where the water and power lines are for example. 

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When To Cut Down Trees?

     Homeowners always wonder when to cut down trees? We hope this handy guide will help to clarify some ideas on that. We asked our tree tr...